Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Leaving Sidney

Hi everyone,

After a hectic week at home in McCall we returned to "Blue Rodeo" in Sidney B.C. late Saturday night. The last 3 days have been spent biking around the area, and getting a few boat projects completed. One of our hydraulic back stay adjusters suddenly started leaking so a rebuild was necessary. After working on our water maker all day yesterday, Mark finally succeeded in getting it to produce fresh water. He felt a little like Tom Hanks in the movie "Castaway" where after struggling to start a fire and finally succeeding, he strutted and did a primitive dance chanting "I have made fire". Well, Mark chanted "I HAVE MADE WATER"!!! In preparation for our departure we biked into town last night and did a major grocery shopping run. We stuffed 2 large back packs and and biked back to the boat grimacing at every bump in the road as the extra weight we carried pounded our tender back-sides into our bike seats. We are shoving-off now for a short run up to Pender Island where we will do more exploring by bike and will plan to continue toward B.C.'s mainland (Sunshine Coast) the next day. We are a few days behind schedule but have been encouraged by others to take the time to cruise all the way up to Princess Louisa Inlet to see Chatterbox Falls. It will take at least 2 days but will probably be our only chance to visit this unique and beautiful area.

Cheers to all,

Mark and Anne

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